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13 Apr

Jazz in the favela! The Maze

The place is unusual, different, with a great view of Guanabara Bay … THE MAZE hostel, Tavares Bastos favela, at one of the nicest hosts parties in the wonderful city. Every first Friday of the month, there is Jazz in the community! Amazing!
This story begun 30 years ago, when  Englishman Bob Nadkarni, came to Brazil to work as an international correspondent. He fell in love with the country, went to live in the community, got married and had kids. He started hosting friends at Tavares Bastos and, in 2005, opened The Maze Inn, an original B & B, with one of the most beautiful views of Rio!
Missing England, in 2006, Bob started to gather friends for jazz concerts. The Jazz at The Maze was born. In the beginning there were just a few people, but the party attracted the locals and, today, puts together a young and beautiful crowd, who climbs to the top of the community every month to enjoy the show with a spectacular view! We went there to check …
Tavares Bastos slum is located in the neighborhood of Catete. We decided to take a taxi as at the top of the community there is not much space to park. When we reached the top we were greeted by kids who work for The Maze. They led us through the narrow routes, in  a short walk. The view is breathtaking! We arrived at around 10 pm, ordered beers and caipirinhas and a barbecue to follow. All very simple, rustic and very tasty!

The Maze is an easygoing place, with concrete tables and benches, a little improvised but charming
The crowd began to arrive, the house was packed and jazz was playing. Good music, first quality. The sessions are varied. They play compositions recorded by artists such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, between the 1920s and 1960s. In open sessions, they receive musicians from around the world. Ah, this week The Maze was listed by Downbeat Magazine International as one of the best jazz houses in the world – and the only Brazilian one in the list.
Really enjoyed the place, we left rapt ! That exceptional place … just in Rio this is possible! At about 3 am, we left on a van and went down to the slum neighborhood of Catete (there is the option of going down by motorcycle). Already down in the main street, we took a cab back home … happily! What a wonderful night!
Note: If you’re into jazz, you can also go to Pura Vida hostel in Copacabana. We have already told  you guys everything that goes on over there. See the previous post.
The hints are there, now just check them over and tell us!

xoxo, Cariocas da Clara

Services: The Maze –

Prices – R$ 30,00 // Churrasco – R$ 10,00 // Cerveja – R$ 5,00 // Kombi – R$ 2,50

Adress: Rua Tavares Bastos, 414/66 – Rio de Janeiro – Fone: 21-2558-5547

Vista da Baía de Guanabara

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